Most used dating apps in the world and why?

3 min readMay 11, 2022


Life has gotten simpler as the Internet has expanded among all users, saving us a great deal of time and work, even when it comes to forming and maintaining personal connections. Through free dating programs, you may now pick your mate or learn more about someone you desire. some users are turning to dating applications to get to know their partners better, as dating programs have made it easier to find partnership anywhere in the globe. So, in this article, we will show you the most popular dating app downloads ranked by Statista.

Most downloaded dating apps

Badoo is the fastest-growing dating app. This software allows users to effortlessly become friends with one another. Users are enabled to meet, talk, date, and connect with one another. In November 2006, it was introduced in Moscow. Badoo Trading Limited is the company that runs it. Badoo is one of the most popular and useful applications, and registration is completely free. Badoo claims to have over 250 million users in 190 countries. Many people have also reported deleting the app after meeting a good mate through it. The Badoo app is intended for adults, and anybody may sign up.

Happn application is a French app that allows you to get to know people close to you and make new connections in order to learn about new cultures and interests as well as their languages. Happn alerts you when you are going to encounter someone you’d like to get to know on the street, at a restaurant, or on a bus. More than a hundred million people use this app throughout the world. This program removes the walls and ice between you and the desired person, as soon as he or she is in the same location as you, the application will give you a notice and display his or her photo on your phone in order to facilitate communication.

MeetMe is a free software and website which is about dating; this app has millions of users in all cities and countries. The app lets the user discover new individuals nearby or anywhere else who have the same interests and cultures as the user or person and wish to date them. In the conversation user may initiate immediate discussions within or outside of the user’s nation or city, and the user can recognize individuals and send and receive text messages, photographs, videos, stickers, and emojis that convey the user’s state while writing.

Tinder the king app

Getting to know people has gotten simpler thanks to Tinder, because it allows users to meet individuals in their geographic area and share same interests, so they can meet new people and form new connections. Tinder allows users to meet new people and converse with those who match them. So, if you’re looking for a life partner or want to start a romantic relationship, all of this has become much easier and more convenient thanks Tinder. You may discover a partner or girlfriend quickly and effortlessly by pressing a button, linking to your GPS, and logging in through your Facebook page. Tinder includes a swipe function that allows you to like an image by just swiping right, and swiping left will take you to the next person.

Web3 Dating App: Datingverse

Finally, let’s talk about the datingverse. You had come across the word metaverse. This later means that we are in a new edge of the internet and it is called web3. The internet we use today will differ tomorrow. So, with metaverse we will be part of the interned, we will need VR or AR glasses or any necessary to get into web3, and of course these gadgets will be available soon just the existing ones. The dating and socialising apps in general will be enhanced to the point that the metaverse technology makes it more realistic, in other words we will make friends, mates, and romantic meetings in virtual reality with each ones avatars, and we will choose any space we like, beach, hotel, or even on the space looking down the earth. All in all, Datingverse is a social metaverse dating platform that uses WEB3 and VR technologies. Datingverse is a SocialFi experiment that creates a “date to earn” system while letting fans to form interactive relationships with content producers through the subscription service.