Datingverse is revolutionizing the private dating and interaction experience

5 min readApr 17, 2022


Avatars in the Datingverse

What is Datingverse

Datingverse is a communal metaverse devoted to dating that is developed using Web3 and virtual reality technology to provide an immersive experience. Through the subscription plan, Datingverse, a SocialFi experiment, employs a “date to earn” paradigm, while simultaneously allowing fans to create direct ties with content providers.

Features of Datingverse

Datingverse is a great project with plenty of features. Some important features are following:

1.Secure Private Social

The demand for virtual dating has increased dramatically as a result of technological advancements and the expansion of the metaverse. For this reason, Datingvese was created in order to address this need.

Datingverse is a native WEB3 application. It protects users’ anonymity and privacy from being compromised by cryptography. As a very private dating interaction, you surely do not want your interactive material, subscriptions, name, cellphone number, or payment card information to be kept, peered at, or even sold by organizations claiming to protect your privacy.

Datingverse is on a promising route, and it satisfies the demands of a large number of people.

2.Dating Land

Dating Land is a perpetual private region in the Datingverse that users may “possess.” It is created on the Polygon mainnet using the ERC1155 protocol and can be given freely or exchanged on NFT markets such as OpenSea.

Dating Land is a perpetual private region in the Datingverse that users may “possess.” It is created on the Polygon mainnet using the ERC1155 protocol and can be given freely or exchanged on NFT markets such as OpenSea.

The following are some of the aspects of Dating Land:

  • Utilize the area for personal use or to generate cash by renting it to other artists.
  • With an area of around 10,000 square meters, it is feasible to construct a three-dimensional environment with structures up to 100 meters tall. The construction feature will be progressively enabled.
  • Up to five scene templates may be created and saved.
  • Possess a dedicated NFT sales space. You may create NFTs of your own work and sell them to admirers. Additionally, you may charge predetermined royalties when fans resale these NFTs.
  • Allows for the establishment of fees for fan interaction in the Dating Space.
  • Datingverse has not yet determined the overall amount of Dating Lands, but Datingverse will work diligently to assure scarcity and added value.

3.Awesome User Experience

Regarding product strategy and technological approach, it seems like the project is proceeding as planned. When used in conjunction with 3A-level next-generation image quality, the haptic devices included in the product are expected to produce a really distinct sense of experience.

With the use of 3D/VR technology, Datingverse is able to provide its consumers with a more immersive and realistic remote dating experience. Datingverse will be keeping a close eye on technological advancements that will bring remote dating far closer to, and ultimately replace, traditional dating in the future.

4.Exclusive Dating Spaces

Combination of traveling exploration and exclusive interactive area, including a decentralized and traveling dating scene as well as a creative and well-designed private interactive environment.

The more you try exploring the datingverse, the more dating spaces you’ll discover, such as midnight clubs with massive dance floors capable of accommodating thousands of people simultaneously, as well as bars with diverse musical tastes, as well as infinity pools, beaches, aeroplane cabins, classrooms, offices, prisons, and hospitals.

These dating spaces may be established by users using the datingverse’s strong web engine, and if desired, you can rent them to other visitors on a short-term basis, and they can use them for dating in a different process, which is unthinkable in the actual world.

Immense Revenue stream for users

  • General user:
  1. Individuals may also subscribe to any creator’s content in order to remain up to date on all of the creator’s work and to just enjoy it in its entirety.
  2. It is possible to acquire and sell the content of a single author through an NFT, resulting in significant profits and benefits.
  3. Additionally, users have the option to profitably acquire and sell their property, as well as rent their land, apartments, and other buildings to others.
  4. Users that have $DVC may be eligible to receive a share of the project’s growth as a result of their holdings.
  • Content Creators:

In terms of content development, the platform offers immense potential.

  1. Content producers have the potential to generate a lot of money from fan subscriptions.
  2. The production and sale of NFTs has the potential to generate significant income and advantages for their inventors.
  3. Additionally, producers may be able to gain income by dating their fans via online dating services.
  4. Additionally, people who own $DVC have the opportunity to gain share in the progress of Datingverse.
  • VR Producer:
  1. Producers may make a significant amount of money by creating and selling 3D/VR scenes.
  2. Additionally, they may make money by creating and selling 3D avatars.

Datingverse Genesis NFTs

Datingverse Genesis NFTs

It is now possible to purchase Datingverse Genesis NFT with a price guarantee based on Smart Contracts. When buying Genesis NFT from Datingverse, you will not lose anything. But you do have an ongoing benefit by purchasing their NFT. This is exactly why Datingverse Genesis NFT is so popular. Following that, NFT holders will be eligible for token airdrops as well as land whitelist privileges. Datingverse is releasing a collection of 5000 NFTs that have been elegantly made by some very talented artists.

The ERC-721A protocol will be used to build these NFTs on the Ethernet mainnet. In addition to project research and development, a small portion of the funds raised via the Genesis NFT mint is utilized to fund promotional campaigns and the procurement of specialized collaboration tools up front.

Datingverse has developed the following advantages for Genesis NFT and will continue to add more as the project progresses:

  • Genesis symbol is unique
  • Stake to get a 5% share of the entire $DVC airdrop
  • Pre-sale whitelist for Dating Land
  • Participation in the survey conducted by the DAO

Price Guarantee of NFT Genesis:

  • After the public auction concludes, every eth collected by mint will be transferred to the redeeming smart contract.
  • The redemption term is 10 days.
  • The redemption price matches the mint price.
  • The NFT redeem will be automatically paid to the black hole account using the smart contract.
  • The overall quantity of $DVC airdrops stays constant. After redeeming, the airdrops of the each NFT will rise.
  • The gas charge for mint and redeem is paid by the holder.