Datingverse : A Metaverse built For Dating

4 min readApr 17, 2022


Metaverse is a new term used among the web. People can invest in it, play games, and of course socialize. People have been wondering about it for a long time, but now we are here to provide some information about what it is.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse (from French, meaning “world,”) is a type of multiplayer world where users can choose each other as the avatar character and create an online world together so they can connect with friends and engage in activities like virtual reality.

Choose your hero/villain based on preferences like gender, appearance, age, etc.

Choose your friend/girlfriend based on preferences like color, personality, style, etc.

You’ll have to figure out which one fits better into your personal preference for example, if you want someone darker skinned you can select a dark-haired guy, whereas if you want to go with pink/royal hair you can select a light pink/red guy, But no matter what way they look or who fits best for you there must be some pros and cons of them if you really want them. Just like you, they also have flaws, they are humans too.

Once you have created an avatar, you can start playing or socializing. So how do you date in the metaverse? Some answers are given below.

How to date in Metaverse

Getting to know another human in your area among the real world is definitely a good idea for dating beginners. But this is not something you should stress about in the metaverse, because it shouldn’t affect your ability to get along easily! The best part is you can make your date loveable and memorable by keeping your identity anonymous through an encryption mechanism. However, you should make sure the reason you are meeting someone is something beneficial or worth meeting.

Here are some infallible tips you can implement to modernize your personality to create a lasting impression on your date partner.This will allow you to date in the metaverse with ease and immersion.

  1. Don’t be shy. When sitting down next to a stranger don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Have a good control on your feelings. Be confident for each move as your identity is anonymous unlike the real-world environment. You can do whatever you think, using 3D characters. Metaverse characters are the virtual representation of your personality or a person you desired to be without a fear of being judged. However, characters do have impact on the partners you might be interested in so be gentle and outgoing to build bound.
  2. Dating anywhere. You got the great opportunity to enjoy a dream life. You are open to select your partner and dating spot in meta-universe for instance, enjoy a cozy winter evening in city’s grand luxury hotel or express your love on hot breezy island, or at sunny Beach. Execute an intimate night experience during a campfire making love under the blanket of stars or dance and laugh freely at a bar. You can select your land or dreamy environment and dress whatever you want to. You not bound to live under restriction, don’t be hesitant, be a bold version of you, romanticize moments at captivating location with your partners.
  3. Pick anyone.What makes your personality sophisticated and attractive? A gentle humble behavior and respecting personal space of every person. Although, it’s a meta-universe you can’t force others to love you. If anyone is not willing to be a partner, don’t argue we have variety of options that let you interact with your dream partner regardless of gender and race. You are allowed to interact with as many different culture/race people on a single platform without viewing them physically. Create a personal space or friends club, where your peer interacts and share their lives. You are free to assign privileges to your personal space and make as many friends or remove the one who you think is not suitable for you or peer without indulging into a conflict or fight. This feasibility and freedom is unique and far better than the realistic environment.

There are many more unexpected imaginings of dating in the metaverse, all of which allow you to enjoy a new dating experience without leaving home. What are you waiting for?

Datingverse has it all.

With the revival of metaverse, recently a new app called Datingverse is making a round on social media with hundreds of multiple features to enhance the meta dating experience with 3D animation effects. This app is developed using WEB3 and VR technology to develop sweet memories with date partner and live a virtual version of your dream life. Currently Datingverse releasing Genesis NFT. NFT comes with a price guarantee. NFT holders will subsequently receive token airdrops and land whitelist.