Dating in metaverse will eventually replace dating in real world

4 min readApr 17, 2022


Experience a date at the pool while staying at home

In the last decade, the entire dating space has evolved rapidly. With the advent of apps such as Tinder and Bumble, the dating culture wasn’t merely an in-person social exercise but became a curated way of meeting new people over the internet.

This culture progressed well into the pandemic. Due to the global lockdown, there was no other way to socialize except these apps and websites. People interacted via chats and video calls, and the apps introduced features such as prompts and games to engage their users further.

However, despite the success of these applications, there are quite a few challenges people face in the current dating scene.

Challenges of the Current Dating Culture

While there are numerous limitations in the current scenario, there are two prominent challenges that hinder the experience of befriending new people.

Time and Location

While people discover each other over the apps, they eventually meet outside in the real world. This is a massive problem because it means that people can only find others within their geographical area and distance range.

This limits the kind of people you can encounter. You cannot go on dates or meet people at any time. You need to make time during your free time, which in today’s world is too little.

This issue of time and location gives people a restricted experience and goes against the unconstrained nature of events that a good dating culture requires.

Safety of People

In real-world dating, the safety of people is at great risk. When people meet for the first time, there are a lot of cases where the woman is harassed sexually. This is a cause of concern that inhibits women from exploring, finding partners, and having a sense of security while interacting with new people.

Another problem that many people go through is the contraction of STDs. In general, there is a lack of responsibility and awareness amongst people regarding STDs. Due to this, it is highly risky for people to go out there and explore.

How Datingverse Solves these Challenges

With the emergence of technologies such as blockchain and metaverse, projects such as Datingverse enable people to meet, interact, socialize and date others in a safe environment. There are various benefits listed below:

  • Datingverse allows people to have their avatars, and these interactions between avatars can make the entire experience more realistic.
  • There are no constraints such as time and geographic location since one can meet people at any time and place. All they need is a system and an internet connection.
  • Furthermore, people can buy spaces within the Datingverse, create their own personalized spaces according to their liking, and customize them based on the place, ambiance, music, and more.
  • To elevate the entire process, you can even rent out these places for a fee and earn money in the form of the native crypto token, which can be exchanged for other coins and assets.
  • Besides these, the most significant advantage is that the challenges people face when it comes to their safety, such as harassment, and contraction of STDs, are solved.

Datingverse Genesis NFTs

To begin with the Datingverse, the platform is releasing the Genesis NFT collection. A series of 5000 NFTs created by a set of curated artists will offer multiple perks to holders in the Datingverse. They include:

  • Every NFT holder will get a unique Genesis symbol.
  • You can stake your NFT in return for the native cryptocurrency $DVC, which will be airdropped shortly after the public sale.
  • Holding the NFT would make you part of the whitelist for the Datingverse land’s pre-sale. This land could be used by you to create the spaces mentioned in the previous section.
  • Beyond all this, the NFT will also act as a governance token that can be used to participate in the DAO polls. These polls would be about how the platform should grow and evolve, and you’ll get to vote on them if you hold your NFT.


The next era of the internet, known as Web3, will have metaverse as one of its biggest use-cases. This would be the space where all your real-world activities can potentially occur. In fact, people have even gotten married in a metaverse.

The dating culture is no exception to this trend. Datingverse can replace the current scenario by providing immersive, real-world-like experiences through customizable avatars, physical spaces, and VR technology.